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American born but Parisian at heart, I have been assisting clients in realizing their dreams of purchasing a property in Paris for nearly ten years.   No matter what your project, whether to sell, purchase or renovate your home, my mission is to solely serve your interests with integrity and the knowledge that I have acquired on the Paris property market.

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Property Services

Property Sales and Search

Finding a property in Paris can be a daunting task.  I can create a custom tailored approach to assist you in finding the property that’s right for you. My comprehensive property services save you time, effort and money in helping you to navigate through the over 3,000 agencies in Paris alone.   My relationships within the real estate network enables me to access a wider range of properties and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Purchase Assistance

If you’ve already found a property, I can assist you in the purchase and finance process, vet documents, review the diagnostics and represent you at the closing. 

Property Evaluation

If you're interested to know what your property is worth or if you are at the stage of purchasing a property you have found on your own, I can provide an in-depth evaluation of the property, including an envelope of the potential renovation costs so that you are able to make an informed decision. 

Renovation and Interiors

Design and Space Planning

The realisation of your Parisian dream home, begins with establishing the parameters of your project in creating the best vision for your design and space planning. I will work with you by listening to your needs to achieve your objectives based on the existing space conditions in order to create a home with the ideal mix of charm, elegance and beauty.

Interior Design

Once you have approved the space plan, I can assist in the selection of eco-friendly materials, fixtures, lighting and furniture for the project. 

Renovation Management

Whether you need minor repairs or full scale renovations, I can assist you managing your project through qualified, licensed and insured trades in providing a range of services, including demolition, kitchen and bath remodelling, carpentry, painting, plumbing and electricity. Through my partnerships with trusted craftsmen, architects and design professionals, we can transform your project into the home you envisioned.


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Property Management

Property Management and Concierge Services

With your keys in hand, you have now become a proud owner of a Parisian home. I can assist you in settling into your property, including setting up your utilities and broadband services, handling insurance issues and opening a bank account.  While you're away, I can manage the property whether you need help in handling correspondence, holding your keys or preparing your property for you and your guests. 

I can also manage the cleaning and stocking the refrigerator, including a welcome basket for you and your guests and collaborate with rental agencies in your absence. 

I am also available to attend your annual homeowners association meetings, translate documents, vote on your behalf and provide a summary report of the meeting. 

I have a team of fully bilingual professionals to assist you in providing services to suit your specific needs.   

Property Market

The Paris Property Chronicles Newsletter

Whether you are already a property owner in Paris, interested to purchase or sell your property, or just want to keep abreast of the market, my property newsletters give you an overview of the current property market in Paris.   With historical, actual and forecast statistics, you will remain informed of property pricing in the region.


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